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MA4207 Review

Taken in AY20/21 Sem 2 under Prof Frank Christian Stephan. All classes were conducted online due to the pandemic.

This module covers sentential logic and first order logic, and is taught mostly from first principles.

Graded components:

Lectures contain a significant amount of complicated proofs, though the midterm and final exam felt more like logic puzzles. In particular, knowledge the proof steps are not required for the midterm and final exam — just the theorem statement is sufficient. Each student is required to present five homework questions, each worth 2% of the final grade. Like most other mathematics modules, there is no group work in this module.

Prof Stephan can be very monotonous during the lectures, to such an extent that the lectures feel like a word-for-word narration of the lecture slides. Intuition of the proofs and concepts also seem to be somewhat lacking.