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GES1019 Review

Taken in AY17/18 Sem 1 under Prof Lee Siew Eang (first half of module) and Prof Shah Kwok Wei (second half of module). Two lectures were taught by Prof Teo Ho Pin (Mayor of North West CDC and MP of Bukit Panjang SMC).

This is the first time that Prof Shah and Prof Teo co-conducted this module with Prof Lee. Previously, Prof Lee taught the whole module.

This module provides a holistic view of the built environment, with Prof Lee introducing the built environment and focusing on buildings. Prof Lee is able to draw on his experience working on various building projects when conducting this module, providing real-world examples in the lecture.

Prof Teo spoke about the social aspect of the built environment, drawing mainly on the issues he faces as Mayor and MP.

Prof Shah focused on engineering and technological solutions to problems with the built environment. As an engineer who focuses on nanomaterials, Prof Shah has in-depth knowledge on the technological advances, and he frequently shares such knowledge during lectures. While this module does not require students to know the science behind these technologies, they are expected to demonstrate an awareness of some technologies and be able to appreciate and explain their pros and cons.

Tutorials are fortnightly; two are conducted by Prof Lee and two are conducted by Prof Shah. Prof Teo does not conduct any tutorials. A reflection paper is expected from each student after each tutorial.

The workload of this module is rather light for a level 2000 module (GES1019 is cross-listed as SSD2210).

This module is an interesting introduction to the built environment (with focus on Singapore). Due to the fact that three lecturers (with different fields of focus) co-taught this module (and a fourth guest lecturer conducted one lecture), students are treated to different viewpoints and examples throughout the semester.

The final exam is open-book; there are no midterms.